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Watch Bar Baron
Reg Number: 4966032

2007 Buckskin Quarter Horse Stallion
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 N/N 25% Two Eyed Jack 


25% Two Eyed Jack

Ranching Heritage Challenge Enrolled

Barons Feature Red
Mr Baron Red
96.875%FQH AQHA H-43/P-298
Red Baron Bell
93.75%FQH AQHA Show ROM
Two Eyed Patti
AQHA Show H-16/P-163 AQHA Champion
Quincys Fancy Julene
AQHA Show H-3.5/P-0
Quincy Copy
AQHA H-30/P-21 AQHA Champion
AQHA Show H-2/P-0


Watch Bar Queen

Dondis Lil Joe Jack
37.5% Two Eyed Jack
Watch Joe Jack
AQHA Show Champion H-225/P-201
Lady Di 4 20
Bar Island
12.5% Two Eyed Jack 6.25% Leo 3.9% Oklahoma Star
Queenies Last Star
6.25% Oklahoma Star
Kittys Z Bar
15.62% Leo

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