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Reg Number: 5653408

2014 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Stallion
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Offered For: SOLD

Plenty Blue Day MA
91.2 % Foundation Quarter Horse 25% Gooseberry 16.4% Blue Valentine 12.11 % Joe Hancock 12.5% Hancocks Blue Boy 3.125% Orphan Drift 3.125% Mr Roan Hancock 2.34% Driftwood
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Plenty Dividend
Heather Dividend
Hancocks Blu Hanna
Luckies Blue Hancock
Hancocks Blu Drifter


Bros Galloping Jody
89.5% FQH 12.5% Blue Valentine 10% King 9.4% Joe Reed 5.9% Ed Heller 4.9% Little Joe 4.7% Three Bars 3.13% Joe Hancock
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Bros Gallopinggalord
Little Bros
Fire Ball Angel
Scamps Chicory
Fire Ball Hank
Scamp's Jody

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