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Funny B Mucha Blue's 2020 Filly
2020 Quarter Horse Mare
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Salty Mo Blue MA
N/N, E/E, a/a, Rn/N 87.12% FQH, 25% Mr Roan Hancock 9.375% Joe Hancock 6.25% Blue Valentine 6.25% Easy Jet 3.9% Three Bars 3.125% Leo
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Salty Blue Hancock
Mr Roan Hancock
Tigress Bar Leo
Easy Mo Hancock
Scotties Blue
Miss Mo Doc Eighty


Funny B Mucha Blue
90.1% FQH 25.781% Blue Valentine 10.84% Joe Hancock 7.81% Leo 6.25% Gooseberry 3.125 Joe Reed 2.34 TB 1.56% Poco Bueno
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Big Blue Holder
Limited Hancock
Smokin Kerri
Mucha Blue Hancock
Rowdy Blue Man
Mucha Zorrita

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