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November 7, 2018

7 days after purchasing an untouched 2 year old, Plenty Smokie MA,
we received this text and pictures from the buyer...

"Hey! I forgot to text yesterday. Me and a family friend have been working with her every day and I saddled yesterday and got on. She did great! No problem at all other than just not knowing what to do yet. Everyone loves her!"

Then another week goes by and we received this text today along with pictures...

 "Another update for Dillion (still deciding on a name. Dillion has stuck for now.)
She's riding so well! Still no problems with her! Sorry to bother about her, I'm just super proud of her :)"

Brooke F. from Kentucky

October 26, 2018

Buyer purchased this filly as a yearling and she was untouched

Just thought I'd send you an updated video of "Ms Salty". We're calling her Drama Mama... She's an awesome horse. We love her. This is her fifth ride.

My husband actually said today she's the best baby we have. He can't wait to start roping on her next year. Once we get this one up an running we'll probably get another one. My husband wants to sell our other two babies he bought and only get babies from ya'll now. And that says a lot coming from him, he's picky. But we love how her mind works and how she is always willing to try. She doesn't flip out, she's confident, and takes her time to react. It's very nice. The kid riding her is only 15 and he loves how she moves and how easy it is to get her to learn something new. My husband says he can't wait to start her on roping, he thinks she'll be fantastic. She is already very "cowy" and loves pushing them around in the pen. Plus she moves like a dream! I'll definitely stay in touch so you can see her progress, and in the next year or so, we'll be look to getting another one. Just need to get rid of the two babies we have first.

Thanks again for breeding awesome horses!
Deanna S. from Florida


April 1, 2018

Just saying hello and wanted to tell you guys how much fun we are having with the babies!
So fun and FULL of personality! Can't say enough good things about their minds and personalities.
The yearlings are already gentled - loving the curry comb and the baby fuzz is falling off! So fun to watch them grow.
The little filly is a firecracker! She loves to run and play - the colt is sweet as can be and super smart he tries to unchain the gates lol
And Salty is always hooves in the water tank - she's beautiful and she knows it lol. She's got the brains and the beauty for sure! I will attach some recent photos......
The horses bring us so much peace and pleasure - they are just amazing creatures!! And once again thanks to you and your family for these beautiful horses! We will keep in touch!

Jen - Texas

November 17, 2017

"Last year about this time my son and I came down and bought a yearling blue roan colt. At the end of august, for the last 32 years, Clinton, Arkansas hosts the national chuckwagon races. Because of circumstances, I only had 10 rides on "One", but I decided to take him anyway. Over the course of a week there are between 4,500 - 6,000 horses and mules and between 20,000 and 30,000 people. He did an absolute great job!! Had numerous offers to sell him when they found out he was only 2 years old and with only 10 rides! So proud of him!!! A lady stopped and knew your brand from your website, she had followed for a couple of years and was very impressed, wondered if all was true she had read. NOW SHE KNOWS!!! Thank you for your help on this horse. I tell everyone I can about your horses!"

Mike N. from Arkansas

August 2017 - yearling colt, MR BLU HANCOCK MA # 5764564 (sire: Plenty Blue Day MA dam: Black Valentine MA)

We absolutely love our colt we have a two year old and "Blue Valentine", his size and his color are AMAZING. Thank you so much! He is such a sweetheart and he is super gentle. Everyone loves his color and we've had a couple of people ask about where we got him so you might have a couple of them going down there.

Maria S. of Texas

February 27, 2017

Dear Delanie & Mike,

Finally was able to come up with an update for you on my gorgeous girl, Hancocks Velvet MA, now known as Arya. Arya has by far exceeded all of my dreams. Super smooth, long, athletic, and strong are all the moves this little girl makes. Something you would never expect from such a big and powerful filly. Not to mention the sweetness and softness she exudes will make you fall in love with her at first sight.

Arya has shown total willingness and proves the sweet amazing minds you guys breed for. My bond with her is strong already in the 6 months I've had her home and the 100 hours under saddle we have worked together on since November 1, 2016. I really can't wait to start her on some cows and really see her full potential. Arya is my first MA colt but definitely not my last!

Thank you again for making this girl from New York City realize her dream of owning this filly!

Miriam and Arya
From Arizona

Feb 6, 2017
Montoya Sierra 2013 filly

Dear Mike and Delanie,

I wanted to give you an update on Montoya Sierra's 2013 chestnut filly. She's without a doubt the neatest using horse I've ever had the opportunity to work with and I'm proud to call her mine. She's big boned, great minded, super athletic, and easy on the eyes. She's got a great country covering long trot and will really watch a cow. The moves she makes on a cow are as big and powerful as she is! She is the second MA colt I have owned and just like the first Smokin Redbone baby she is the reason I will be back to purchase another foal in the future. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you again, and if Laramie is still around tell her hello! She helped us at the ranch the day we purchased our filly, and we are extremely pleased we picked Montoya Sierra's foal!

Jessica F.

! Oct 23, 2016

Hey Mike and Delanie, We wanted to send y'all a picture of one of the fillies we bought from y'all two years ago. This is Roan Bones/Miss Bee Bee's 2012 filly, ( we call her Sage). Both fillies are by far the best horses we have ever started.

~Josh, Sandy, and Cesley B. from SC


May 31, 2016

Good morning Mike and Delanie,

We are so happy with your boy! This video is ride number five and he was a perfect gentleman in a new environment, indoors for the first time, trailering for the first time since he has arrived at our house.

I will attempt his first Trailride on Monday, which is my next day off. I have enough horses in training to keep me busy up to 10 hours a day right now and honestly only get to him two to three times a week. It confirms the great mind you folks are producing!!!

Soon I will focus on Wiley Badger MA more, although same sire as Smokin Flint MA, he is a completely different horse. Already the same height as his half-brother at only two years old. Gorgeous conformation. I will start him lightly this summer, then let him grow through the winter and restart him next spring. Originally we thought we might sell one of the three Colts after they were started, but that won't happen :-) Frosted Top Moon MA has embedded himself pretty solidly into my heart! He demands the most attention from me and trots next to my truck down the driveway when I get home in the evening, initiating everyone else to come down to the house as well.

I have been in the horse business for over 30 years and have started hundreds of Youngsters. I wanted to let you know that all three boys are not only Beautiful in their conformation but have some of the best minds I have worked with throughout my career! My husband and I agree that all future horses we will only be purchasing from you out of your exceptional herd!

We are already peeking at this year's crop :-)
Thank You!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Bjarne C. ~ of Colorado


2015 Blue Roan Stallion - Blu Dividend MA
(DOB - 05/10/2015)
March 20, 2016 -
Blu's doing really well. Everything is new to him so he's unsure and takes it slow but he has yet to really "spook" or overreact to something. He's been very level headed and that's been a huge blessing to be able to keep moving forward with him. He hasn't come across anything that he doesn't have figured out within a couple minutes. He's learning to trust us too which is great! We can pick up all four feet now, gave him a little trimming with the file, blanketed him, he stalls like a pro (better then mine even), and LOVES his grain. He's learning how to walk and trot on a lunge line also. Right now he's not ceased to amazing us. Soon I'll start teaching him western pleasure as I'll be showing him in halter classes this summer along with my 5 year old Galahad this year with both the boys. It'll still be exciting to see how Blu does with it.

- Becca from Michigan

March 2016

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you to you guys again! I'm so in love with my filly! She's such a dream! I love the breeding that made this amazing horse! I would of never dreamed she would be so easy. I put the first rides on her last week and she did everything I asked with ease except into the canter, a little crow hop, but she couldn't make it perfectly easy for me!

Absolutely! I'm sure I'll be doing business with you guys again in the future.

Thank you guys so much!
Love Sierra and Sweet Valentine (Willow) - from Arizona

August 2, 2015

Hi Mike & Delanie just wanted to share a pic of our stud, "Hank" Hancock O Redbone MA, with y'all. He is now a 3 yr old, I never thought he would be as big as he is, he has really started to spread and fill out the past 6 months. Casey uses him almost everyday and can do anything from sorting to roping and doctoring calves in the pasture.

- Casey and Angela M. of Jewett, Texas

April 20th, 2015

Val arrived bright and early this morning. I'm already amazed with her! She is a very easy mare to handle just full of herself!

Well she got a "new to her blanket" due to all the rain we are getting. Needless to say I've never had a new horse take it so easily. Plus she befriended my 2yr old paint filly.
Thanks so much!!!

~ Cheyenne K. of Wisconsin

2012 Blue Roan Filly - Blue Valentina MA

I just wanted to write you and let you know what awesome horses both of the fillies I bought from you turned out to be! They are both 4 year olds this spring and I love having them! I bought them as weanlings in your auction and purchased them online, here they are 4 years later, and I love them both!!!! They are SO awesome, they are gorgeous foundation mares, exactly what I was looking for, and I couldn't be happier. They both have TONS of personality and they've come so far and learned so much over these 4 years it's really awesome. I've double registered both as AQHA & foundation. "Falina" is the appendix bay roan mare, I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is super smart, unbelievably curious about everything, outgoing and friendly, and the bravest little horse I think I've ever met. 'Mango' is the red roan, the one with the beautiful blaze face, and out of a mare you told me was the sweetest mare you had on the property. Well, I believe it, because she is the kindest, gentlest, sweetest horse I've ever owned. She loves people and just wants to do whatever you ask her. Not a mean bone in that horses body! These two have completely opposite personalities but they are both unique and special in their own way, and I just love 'em!!! I often pull up from work and see them standing there or running around in the pasture, and they are sooo darn gorgeous it takes my breath away. No kidding, they are that awesome. They are both great athletes too. Simply awesome equines!!!! Thank you for breeding and selling them to me! I LOVE my girls and they are exactly what I wanted. I waited and waited to find my perfect foundation Hancock horses and these two are it for me (and they know it,!). I will try to send you a cute video clip from this winter, have to figure out where I stored it, it was muddy that day but it gives you an idea of how much personality and athleticism they have. Really awesome horses. I'm very proud of them....

~ Kathy from Texas

2012 Dun Roan filly ~Redbones Diva MA
"We love our MA baby so much!"
~ Mark and Callie from North Carolina"

Just wanted yall to see how he has grown over the past year. He is doing great I think he gets better everyday.

~Angela Shearer


"I have dealt with Mike and Delanie for years and have always been pleased with our horses we got from them!"

~Joey Kitchens

“MA Quarter Horses produces outstanding horses with great bloodlines, awesome minds and stunning color. Our bay roan filly from a Mike & Delanie was one of the nicest we've ever owned. Going back for more!”

~C&L Livestock (Craig and Laurie Claver)

“I definitely recommend MA Quarter horses, best crop of stud colts you could ask for even better set of filly's, & the 2013 set looks even better. We couldn't be happier with the stud colt we got and we will be back for another soon. Thank you Mike and Delanie you can definitely tell y'all put your heart in to having the best.”

~ Angela Shearer

“Thought I would share this photo of Sassy Hancock MA. She had her first ride today. Absolutely did a great job. She is so quiet. I've got a feeling she is gonna be a good one. Thanks again and I will keep you updated on her progress."

~Harold Stapleton, Dayton, Texas.

“Here's a picture of our yearling filly, Leos Thistle MA (aka: Sis), that we purchased from MA Quarter Horses back in November. She is coming along great! Sis has a very quiet, docile nature and a great mind. She had her first farrier appointment last week and stood like she'd been doing it her whole life, then loaded in the trailer very quietly to be transported to our new home and she has been great with tying and leading her around the new facility. She is really going to make a nice horse! Thank you MA Quarter Horses for breeding such nice conformation, quiet and willing horses!"

— Craig and Laurie Claver, California.

“Our yearling filly we bought as a weanling from MA Quarter Horses! She's big boned. heavy muscled. great conformation, and an awesome mind. This was her first time to be saddled, she never offered to buck!! I highly recommend this ranch if you’re looking for your next working horse!!
Thank y'all!"

~Ashley Campbell

“I acquired one of Smokin Redbone's geldings and I LOVE him!! He is a 2007 gelding named Redbones Big Shot MA. He is so handsome and a BIG boy. 15.3 hands, 1300 pounds, big strong bones. I love his big size, but mostly I love his personality. He is very confident, brave (even as a 7 year old!) and very calm but with plenty of go! He's the best horse I've had. I'm not sure if he was gelded "late," but he has big jowls and a leading temperament, but very good with other horses.”

Kayla Elson



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